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Addressed Mail Solutions

Addressed Mail by Minuteman Press in Calgary Addressed mail is the postcard or any marketing piece that you receive in the mail that is individually addressed to the recipient. Addressed mail is extremely effective in insuring that your audience will open and read the contents, as it is a tangible piece that is personalized. At Minuteman Press Beltline, we assess your address direct mail campaign, help you design and print your marketing piece, and mail it off with our long-time partner, Canada Post. Let us help you connect with your audience through personalized addressed mail from start to finish!

Choosing the right target audience!

Direct Mail and Addressed Mail Calgary To print addressed mail you require a database of either your current clients or purchase a database of individuals or businesses from a company that sells database information. We can help you purchase the right database that is sorted and filtered to best reflect your target market.After purchasing the database and selecting your target market comes the design and development of the addressed mail campaign. Our design team can help you design the right campaign for the right target audience. We can purchase royalty free stock photography and create dynamic, captivating and effective designs.

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Printing and design service to meet the tightest deadlines!

Addressed Mail by Minuteman Press in Calgary SW Once the design is completed and approved, we will do the rest. We take all the right steps: from printing, stuffing envelopes, to printing the Canada Post indicia, to sealing, sorting and delivery preparation to Canada post, we handle it all.

We can do direct mail campaigns from a quantity of 250 all the way to 50,000. You can improve the success of your direct mail programs by inserting supporting marketing pieces in your Addressed admail program. For example, a business card, a magnet, a product sample, a coupon, gift certificate and much more. We can also do donation forms with return envelopes if you are a charitable organization looking to raise funds for your organization.The design stage of the addressed admail is vital to the success of the campaign. It is also important to have a compelling offer for the target market to take action and perhaps track then results online.

Key Points:

Addresses: From current or purchased customer database
Usage: Engage with customers through mailing tangible, personalized, and highly customizable letters, postcards, or marketing pieces
Perfect for: Non-profits for fund raising needs, auto-dealers for follow-up thank you cards, businesses with new product samples and/or promotions
Tip: Don’t be afraid to veer from traditional letters. There is a greater chance of a marketing piece being opened and read if it looks interesting.

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