Posters are ideal for showcasing information about your products and services. In addition, you can display a special promotion, a corporate event, a seasonal sale. Posters come in various sizes, finishes, and paper options. Posters can be printed using digital printing and are limited to the size 13″ x 19″ while they can also be printed ink jet as big as 4 feet x 10 feet or as big as desired.

Posters can also be laminated for extended use and to make them weather-proof. Posters are great for social events, races, sporting events, music events, grand openings and neighbourhood promotions.

Posters are designed to catch the attention of its audience with an enticing graphic and large text. Consider the importance of white-space when designing your next posters, so it is easy to read and doesn’t become overcluttered with information. Include only key information on a poster, if there are other pertinent details, direct your audience to an URL or QR code. Lastly, locations of posters are just as important, high traffic areas are always prime spots but consider bulletin boards, service counters, fitting rooms, and places where customers will have to wait.

Key Points

Usage: Posters can be used to advertise events, new products or services, or act an annoucement
Perfect for: Any business
Tip: Large text and eye-catching graphics are necessary for posters that will be read at a distance

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