unaddressed-mail_1As a retailer, how do you let your local area know that you are “the” local place to shop from? How do you promote your location? Unaddressed admail is a reliable way to generate awareness about your location or product in a selected neighbourhood. In addition to reaching your local neighbourhood, unaddressed admail is much more inexpensive than admail. You can send monthly offers to your clients, announce a grand opening of your location, promote a special offer send out coupons and create contests for promotion. These are great ways to use unaddressed admail to promote your business in your neighbourhood.

Key Points

Usage: Target an general neighbourhood with direct mail promotions or company updates. Cost effective way to increase brand awareness
Perfect for: New local businesses, mass appeal offers, political campaigns, realtors, nonprofit organization
Tip: Consider the neighbour you are sending these unaddressed admail, some are less receptive to these campaigns. Speak with our direct mail specialist about the most effective areas.

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