Plaque Mounting

Plaque Mounting

Plaque Mounting by Minuteman Press Beltline in Calgary
Display and adorn your office space with your achievements mounted on commemorative plaques. A plaque is metal, ceramic, stone, wood, or other material plate, typically attached to a wall, stone, or other vertical surface, and bearing text or an image of achievement or memoriam. Plaque mounts are great to showcase accomplishments, such as milestones, artwork, certificates, news articles, reports, awards, and images.

If your organization is handing plaques out, we can customize multiple ones with different inscriptions and styles.

Mounting is also available, when we print your artwork, awards, or other accomplished work.

Key Points

Usage: Display your accomplishments and awards on a finished wood backing at the front of the store or waiting area.
Perfect for: Any business with awards or mentions in articles. Great for doctors offices, restaurants, professional offices.
Tip: Look out for your local newspapers or magazines when they dub the annual best around the city, Avenue Magazine and FFWD Weekly are great sources.