sandwich-boards-calgary-printing-minuteman-pressIs your business difficult to locate? Try a sandwich board propped up on the main street! Sandwich boards (also called A-Frames) are ideal for getting outdoor traffic to your retail location. Sandwich boards are almost always used outdoors and are great to promote your brand. In addition, a sandwich board can be used to promote a special promotion or a seasonal sale. Sandwich boards come in various sizes and types, and they are characterized with a sturdy frame. From replaceable ones to huge custom size sandwich boards. Sandwich boards are great for restaurants and bars to promote a weekly special or promote chef’s specials or promotions.

Key Points:

Location: Mostly outdoors
Usage: Attract pedestrians with daily, seasonal, or any special promotions
Perfect for: Restaurants, retail stores, and difficult to spot businesses
Tip: Want to customize your sandwich board daily? Ask about chalkboard paint!

Creative Sign Design and Consulting

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