Stake Signs

Draw Attention with Stake Signs

Stake signs are attention getting and an inexpensive method of promoting oneself outdoors. Stake signs are mostly used for political campaigns, realtors, furniture stores and landscaping companies, as they promote the business by evidence of the product or service.  Stake signs are printed on coroplast, as they are lightweight, sturdy, and water-proof, they are usually used outdoors and are effective and efficient means of promoting your company and business. In addition, an stake signs can be used to promote a special promotion or a seasonal sale. If you want to promote your business on a sidewalk or paved ground, we suggest A Frames, which come in various sizes and styles. They can also be custom router cut to different sizes.

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Key Points

Usage: Printed on coroplast, stake signs display contact information, company name, and sometimes an a tagline or enticing offer, driven into a lawn or grassy area.
Perfect for: Realtors to demonstrate their ability to sell properties, landscaping or residential contracting companies to showcase which properties have utilized their services, political campaigns to visually represent who is supporting them
Tip: Consider the distance the sign will be read at. Larger text and bold full colour will help your stake sign or a-frame stand out.