Binder copying requires digital printing, tab printing, drilling and collation technology. At Minuteman Press, we have the right equipment for the right project. Our hi-speed digital copying and duplicating technology allows us to print from file or copy your binders immediately. This helps us to provide you with your binder copying at faster turnarounds and lower costs. Our drilling technology allows us to simultaneously punch 3 holes in 500 sheets of paper. Our digital printers can be programed to run both tab printing and collation, allowing us to provide you with consistency, accuracy, and professional looking binders at a low cost.

Key Points

Usage: Binders are great for organization of a large number of pages while showcasing your brand in a professional light. Binders are popular as reference manuals, training manuals, presentations, and designers’ portfolios
Perfect for: Any Human Resources department, graphic designers, interior designers, troubleshooting or maintence manuals for machinery, or presentations that have lots of supporting information
Tip: Organization is key for binders. Utilize tabs and inside pockets to help with quick referencing and easy usability.

Wide selection of binders available

House your binder printing in customized binders. You can customize the size, ring shape, interior pockets, the text, and material of the binder. Your printing will be protected, organized, and your brand will be reinforced in a sturdy, customized binder for years to come.

Minuteman Press Beltline has been earning the trust of companies in Calgary for many years. Whether your order is large or small, we’re here to ensure you receive the best possible service and fast delivery at the lowest possible prices. Request a quote now or speak to a business stationery expert by calling (403) 775-6651.