Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets Designed and Printed

fridge Magnets by Minuteman Press in Calgary Fridge magnets help you stay in front of your clients every day. It is vital to have a compelling message on your fridge magnets to earn their place on the fridge. Such a small calendar, vital contact info for their dentist, chiropractor, massage or physio therapist, etc. They are also ideal for banks or food and health stores. Fridge magnets are versatile in their use and people often use humor or inspirational quotes as a way of engaging their customers to keep the fridge magnet at all times.

Fridge Magnets come in all different sizes and can be die cut to a specific shape as well. They are printed full color and come in different levels of thickness. At Minuteman Press we can design and print attention getting fridge magnets for your next print run. Minuteman’s Print Marketing Department has everything you need to get the job done right, plus on time and well within your budget.

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Key Points

Usage: Send or giveaway fridge magnets to home owners to remind them of your business
Perfect for: Grocery stores, banks, home repair companies (plumbing, contracting, electrician), dentist or chiropractic or doctor’s offices, pharmacies, realtors, mortgage and insurance brokers
Tip: Try to include some useful information on the magnets, include cooking measurement conversions, mini calendar, or mini white board

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