Letterpress Business Cards



Being one of the oldest forms of print, letterpress printing has a historical legacy that dates back as far as the eighteenth century. Its name also indicates its process: it involved pressing a pattern or lettering into the card, much like an old fashioned typewriter. This traditional style commands respect when regarding its desire to give its owner a pressed, textured feeling of the information that it’s displaying. If you want a classy, nostalgic look of the past, this card will define those very features.

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Best Letterpress Business Cards

Minuteman Press Beltline provides exceptional printing essentials and graphic services, establishing itself as one of the leading printing companies in Calgary. We produce the best business cards, flyers, posters, brochures, postcards, letterheads, custom promotional products, and comprehensive direct mail services. We are your provider for a vast array of printing services. Our knowledgeable graphic design team has the expertise to help you throughout the entire printing process and develop your design.

Your best choice for printing in Calgary is Minuteman Press Beltline! We offer among the most outstanding selections of papers, card stocks, and other printing materials for you to choose from: recycled paper, coated & uncoated bond, photographic paper, high gloss, matte, vinyl, and carbonless, plus an exclusive selection of fine stationery and specialty papers in every colour of the rainbow. Our assortment of printing finishes allows for countless options. The vintage feel achieved with letterpress will give an added level of professionalism and perceived value to your brand. There’s a reason letterpress, despite being one of the oldest forms of print, remains highly valued and widely used.

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