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Showcase Your Business with Brochure Printing
by Minuteman Press Beltline

Brochure Printing by Minuteman Press Beltline in Downtown Calgary Brochures come in all sizes and types of folds. Whether it is a standard tri panel, tri fold brochure or a double parallel fold brochure – we can do it all. At Minuteman Press Beltline we understand that brochures are your company’s showcase and your customers need to be impressed with product or service offering in the first step. Think of brochure as a window to your business operations. Customers and other stakeholders have the opportunity to learn about what sets your organization apart from others with company history and values, product/service details, and other pertinent information that is organized for easy reading.

Options to best represent your brand and fit your budget!

Brochures can be printed on your standard 80lb gloss paper or you can upgrade the paper to a 100lb gloss paper to give it a thicker feel. Often customers print brochures on a thick 100lb gloss card stock (same thickness as a business card). This options really makes the brochures substantial in weight and feel.

If you are designing your brochures from scratch and you are trying to determine what size to choose, then the easiest way to gauge is the amount of content required in the brochure. The more content included, the bigger the brochure. Since most individuals respond more to emotional cues and pictures then text and numbers, it is always best to include lots of pictures in the brochure design.

Key Points

Usage: Showcase your brand’s history and product and/or service offerings with easy to read brochures
Perfect for: Any business that wants to provide their customers with more information on their company. Includes take out menus for restaurants, summaries on new projects, company background information
Tip: Place your brochures in high traffic areas, such as waiting rooms, service counters, or cash wrap; people are more likely to pick these up and read them

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