Sandwich Boards

Durable, Lightweight and Eye-Catching Sandwich Boards

Sandwich Boards creation in Calgary Sandwich boards (also referred to as A-frame signs) are traditionally used to display lunch menu items for restaurants and are put out on the sidewalk. However, these types of signs are now also often used to advertise homes for sale, business specials, special events etc.

A-frames and Sandwich Board signs can be made from metal or wood and come in many different sizes.  Our wood signs are made from outdoor marine plywood, often called Crezon, so that they are very durable for all weather conditions and are reasonably light but still heavy enough that they are not easily blown over in the wind. All our outdoor wood units come with a steel reinforced plastic hinge handle, a metal chain and plastic edge moulding included in the price (these are often chargeable extras with our competitors).

We do sandwich boards! This type of signage is often used by Realtors, restaurants and many other businesses as a quick and easy way to display your message to a large audience. They are very portable so they can be put outside whenever they’re needed. Some customers will have several units with different messages (e.g. depending on the season or special of the week). The graphics can be readily changed by applying a new vinyl sign over top of the existing one whenever you need to change your message.


We also carry a line of metal A-frames that allow you to easily change the graphics by sliding in different inserts (made from plastic, aluminum composite or other material) that we can provide you with. We can print a different message or graphic on each side of these inserts so that changing your message becomes very simple.

The graphics are printed with outdoor, waterproof and scratch resistant inks for vibrant, eye-catching displays. For an even more noticeable display, we can also print your graphics on to a reflective vinyl to greatly increase its visibility at night (or we can apply a smaller reflective decal on top of a regular printed vinyl graphic as a popular lower cost option for things like direction arrows).

Sandwich boards can be anchored to a nearby post, or a threaded spike can be inserted in to the ground, to prevent theft. In addition, because we are a full service and manufacturing shop, we can readily custom build any size sandwich board or A-frame display specific to your needs!

Key Points:

Location: Mostly outdoors
Usage: Attract pedestrians with daily, seasonal, or any special promotions
Perfect for: Restaurants, retail stores, and difficult to spot businesses
Tip: Want to customize your sandwich board daily? Ask about chalkboard paint!

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