Branded Pens

Company Branded Pens by Minuteman Press in Calgary
“Do have a pen?”
A common question when someone is on the phone or going to fill out an application or even signing a contract. People seem to unconsciously take pens with them, so use that as an opportunity and hand them branded pens with your company’s logo or contact information imprinted. When they realize they have your pen, it’ll remind them of your business. Branded pens come in multiple types, colors and styles. They make great giveaways at tradeshows, corporate events, volunteer prizes, and advertising campaigns. High-end pens can also be used as executive gift set items.

Key Points

Usage: As pens grow legs, make sure they can find their way back with your company’s contact information and logo imprinted.
Perfect for: Realtors, hotels, reception desks, post-secondary institutions, financial services, insurance and mortgage brokers.
Tip: Give out promotional pens at every chance you get: signing a receipt, contract, or filling out a form. Tell them to keep them, if they haven’t already.

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Minuteman Press Beltline Produces the Best Branded Pens

Minuteman Press Beltline is committed to producing outstanding print products for all your printing needs. From business cards, flyers, brochures, signs, banners, branded promotional products to comprehensive mail services, we guarantee the best possible service that meets your budget and deadline. We offer among the largest selections of papers, card stocks, and other printing materials, giving you unlimited options to choose from.

We also custom-print branded pens available in an assortment of colors, types, styles, and materials. Choose from ballpoint, felt-tipped, rollerball, retractable, capped, plastic, metal, recycled, and more. Think Minuteman Press Beltline for reliable yet affordable quality pens!

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