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Mailing Options

Neighbourhood Mail

Send to a neighborhood! We can target using multiple criteria so only your target audience receives the mail. Filter by household size, house type, age of construction, and several more options. Inquire today!

Personalized Mail

Send direct mail to clients or prospects in your address book. Don’t have a list, we can create one for you! You can send a postcard, a letter or a whole marketing package inside an envelope. Inquire today!

Postal Code Targeting

Instead of sending to the whole neighbourhood, send to each individual target member. This is a highly targeted option to choose when you don’t have an address book! Inquire today!


Direct Mail Printing and Campaigns with Minuteman Press

Direct mail is an effective way to connect with your target audience. Since the number of email spam you receive everyday has been steadily increasing, more and more companies are finding success with conducting highly successful targeted direct mail campaigns. Your campaign can become highly effective when leveraged with a sales team or another advertising medium.

At Minuteman Press we can help you with your next direct mailing campaign. We purchase a database for you with updated information about your potential clients. Whether it is personal or businesses that you are looking for, we can purchase the list for you.

We’ve Won 3 “Top Achievement in Marketing” Awards –
and We’re Proud of It!

After the target market is determined, we can design compelling, targeted and effective print communication pieces to be mailed to your potential clients. We can do direct mail campaigns from 250 all the way to 50,000. You can improve the success of your direct mail programs by inserting supporting marketing pieces in your direct mail program. For example, a business card, a magnet, a product sample, a coupon, gift certificate and much more. We can also do donation forms with return envelopes if you are a charitable organization looking to raise funds for your organization.

Creative Graphic Design Solutions!

The design stage of the direct mail is vital to the success of the campaign. It is also important to have a compelling offer for the target market to take action and perhaps track the success of the program by the number of coupons received, or phone calls or website visits, etc.


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Key Points

Usage: Send your customers or targeted demographic marketing pieces that will spread awareness of your business and products.
Perfect for: Any business that wants to reach their demographic at their homes. Great for restaurants’ take out fliers, landscaping, home renovators, realtors and auto dealers
Tip: Make your marketing piece interesting and enticing, with high quality images. People are more likely to open it and engage with the piece.