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offset-printing_7 Unlike digital printing, which uses an electronically charged powder called toner as the method of printing, offset printing uses inks, such as Pantone or CMYK process. While digitally printed images appear shiny, offset printed images are flatter and higher in quality. At Minuteman Press we do offset printing in-house. This helps us offer competitive pricing on all types and volumes of printing for your business, such as letterhead printing, envelope printing, sticker printing, flyer printing, business card printing, carbonless, and much more. Offset also offers greater colour accuracy, ensuring that your brand colours stay consistent, print after print.

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The growth of offset printing technology over the years has made it an affordable option for even large volume and large size printing runs.

Offset printing enables us to use specific Pantone colour printing for all types of business stationery. This helps us provide you with your branded stationery in bright, vibrant colors that help identify your business. Consider enhancing designs on your offset printed business stationary with a complimenting custom finish, such as raised print, metallic inks and foils, spot UV gloss, or embossing.


Offset printing technology has transformed over the years and is also used for large volume runs, larger size runs and often with finishing units attached to these presses such as aqueous coating or varnishing. This method of finishing adds a gloss or matte finish to the printed product. You can create emphasis on a part of an image by doing a spot aqueous or varnish, where one part of image will appear shinny in contrast to the rest of the image or paper for that matter.

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Offset printing is our method of choice when printing envelopes. You can print on coin envelopes, catalogue envelopes, invitation envelopes and business envelopes using offset printing.

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