Promotional Bags or Branded Bags

Promotional Products - Bags Have you ever gone to a trade show where every exhibitor is handing you promotional products and then that one booth gives you the bags to keep all those items in? You almost always remember the exhibitor that gave you the bag because bags are re-usable and they help solve your immediate problem of carrying all the items.

Wide Selection of Promotional Products

Bags come in various types, colors, sizes and styles. Bags make great giveaways at trade shows, corporate events, fund raisers, sporting events, and special advertising campaigns. Bags are also ideal for your business if you own a retail store and sell products. Reusable bags have the potential for multiple, repeat exposure as people carry them around, and this exposure aids in the reinforcement of the brand.

Ideas for bags include: gyms bags for any sports or gym related events, insulating cooler bags for food or beverage related shows, tote bags for grassroots events, laptop bags for company field representatives or clients. Let us help you choose the best bag for your brand’s exposure.

Key Points:

Types: One-time use paper or plastic, reusable tote bags, or practical styles (laptop, gym, fanny pack etc.)
Usage: Give them out during trade shows or events, put purchases in a customized bag
Perfect for: Any retail business or any business at an event or trade show
Tip: Design a bag that people will find it aesthetically pleasing and functional, they’ll want to carry it more.

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