Sintra Signs

Sintra signs are ideal for showcasing information about your products and services. In addition, you can display a special promotion, a corporate event, or a seasonal sale. These come in various sizes, finishes, and paper options, and can be hung on a wall or used outdoors as steak signs.

Sintra signs are great for social events, races, sporting events, music events, grand openings and neighbourhood promotions.

Key Points

Location: Mostly indoors, but can be used as outdoor stake signs.
Usage: Direct or mark different areas in the office or professional buildings with sintra signs. They are lightweight, smooth, and come in different thicknesses
Perfect for: Offices, professional buildings, venue or hotels
Tip: The differences between sintra and coroplast are: 1) coroplast is usually used outdoors, sintra is indoors; 2) sintra has a smooth surface, while coroplast is corrugated plastic and has a slight bumpy surface; and 3) sintra is usually fixed permanently to its location, while coroplast can be temporary and re-used.

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